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You’re doing big things. People need to hear about it. But how do you get publicity without paying huge PR retainers?

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You need to find novel pieces for your platform to increase views. But how, when the traditional channels are picked over?

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With other free platforms like social media, you’re competing with noise. Comments, questions and trending topics dilute your message. Your audience may be completely disengaged, hidden behind a paywall or generally irrelevant to your PR goals.

With YAWP, you’re reaching eyes that are guaranteed to have a platform of viewers, listeners or readers.

This allows you to amplify your voice in a meaningful way. Cut through the clutter and share your story with media relevant to your business goals for free today.


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YAWP makes getting publicity easy. Just list your story and our member community of influencers, journalists and bloggers will see what your business is doing.

If they love your newsworthy angle, expect to be featured. Since all our stories are posted with full rights to copy and distribute included, you’ll not be hassled with any other requests or comments.

It’s the simplest way to connect your brand with great media outlets. And it’s absolutely free!