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How It Works

How to post your story

Our service is fast, free and easy. Grab a cuppa and get your story seen in just five simple steps:

1. Create an Enterprise Representative account.

2. Pop through proof of business identity and authorised representation.

3. Agree to our terms (namely that our media partners can use your story without any extra authorisations.)

4. Once you’re approved, click ‘Add Story’ and upload your newsworthy content.

5. Review and click ‘Post’ to send your content out to our vetted media outlets, bloggers and influencers.

See? It couldn’t be simpler! Click below to create your free account now.



How to read posted stories

YAWP is not just free for brands, it’s free for all verified bloggers, influencers and media outlets too. To get started:

1. Create a Content Creator account.

2. Share proof of your publication’s identity; virtual or physical.

3. Once approved, use the search feature to navigate posted stories.

4. Filter for specific terms, locations or keywords.

5. Once you’ve found the perfect gem, use and share any of the posted content without restriction.

It’s free content sourcing that’s exclusive, relevant and moderated. Join now!

More about YAWP

YAWP is a place where business owners can directly share their latest product or service with platform owners and media outlets. And to provide the best experience, we promise:

  • We’ll always make it easy for content creators to search for relevant news and new ideas quickly.
  • We’ll allow you to reproduce and publish content without the need for extra approvals.
  • We won’t clutter our site with ads.
  • We will never sell your data to anonymous third parties.
  • We’ll keep our platform absolutely free to join.
  • We’ll prevent your news from leaking to unregistered users.